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Lifespark Nutrition corporate seminars and workshops provide ways for companies and employers to help promote healthy eating in the workplace. Give your team more than just a pay check this week, put the 'Spark' back into their work!

Stress, fatigue, sleep issues and weight gain are general issues we face in a past paced corporate world where eating on the run with quick convenience food or skipping meals can become the norm.

At Lifespark we can put the 'Spark back into your Team' by providing interactive nutritional presentations and tools to provide:

-And Motivation about dietary choices and habits for home and work with practical food options that will support or improve optimal wellbeing in your employees or resilience to stress.

As a business this means:

-Reduced sick leave (physical and mental)
-Increased work productivity
-Improved team collaboration

The Lifespark Eat Right Live Well Programmes will enable employees to gain an understanding of how to reduce stress and optimise energy levels with good nutrition and nutritional habits, make quick and healthy snacks and lunches at work through an interactive and enjoyable presentation. These in house practical presentations can encourage staff to be proactive in their health to make healthy, long term sustainable changes. We do seminars/ workshops from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the level of support and key objectives for the company.

Key outcomes achieved and developed will be: How good nutrition can lead to less sick days and better energy levels How food can affect sleep and mood Greater employee understanding of how to make healthier breakfasts, lunches and snacks, even on the run. How to read and understand a nutrition label How to manage stress and fatigue with good nutrition How to stock your fridge and pantry for optimum health and vitality Real time cooking demonstrations and tasters for each person on how to make healthy meals and snacks including nutritional tips and interactive guidelines for each recipe including benefits. Print out notes with information and recipes

Lifespark Nutrition corporate seminars provide ways for companies and employers to help promote healthy eating in the workplace.

Providing employees with education, direction and motivation to eat well and look after their health at work and at home, means reduced sick leave, increased work productivity and the result for the business is a motivated team of employees with improved physical and mental health and wellbeing.

Corporate Packages

45min food demonstration with tasters to show you how eating well at work can be fast, easy & delicious
1 hour nutrition presentation to learn how you can re-energize your body
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Our Feedback

Chris Watt - Planning & Improvements Manager,Hally Labels

I approached Kate a couple of weeks ago as a Corporate customer looking for ways to help promote Health and Nutrition among our staff. Kate was able to offer us great resources such as a food diary and meal planner, as well as coming in to our workplace and offering our staff a seminar on healthy eating and nutrition. Feedback from our staff has been excellent, and everyone has taken different bits away from Kate to help them personally. I look forward to working with her again in the future.

Josh Woo, Senior Accountant- Business Advisory, WHK

Our session on dieting and lifestyle was full of usefull tips that can be incorporated into our daily routines. Kate’ explanation on the effects of meal options on my body left a strong impression on me regarding shopping choices and helped me look beyond product promotion and advertising when shopping to choose the foods that will make me eat and feel healthier. It was interesting to hear the effects of what stress can do to the body and everyone is taking steps to reduce stress and eat well to combat this.

Louise Martin - Office Manager, AMP Capital

Kate came to our workplace to give a presentation on how to make quick, healthy lunches and snacks. All of our staff are very busy, and many have young families, but Kate showed just how easy it is to eat healthy food without relying on the nearby café. The session was very informative, Kate really knows her stuff and we all came away with new ideas and recipes to try.

Nikki Ting - HR Manager, AMP

Kate was great to work with. Her seminar that she presented to our employees across Auckland and Wellington was really fun and interactive. She got people up from the audience to help her make the food as well as providing information and benefits about the food she was using. I had really positive feedback from both offices and lots of people were making the recipes Kate showed us, especially the breakfast recipes which is great. I would definitely recommend Kate and the Lifespark team.
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