FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the Lifespark?

We come to you!

We do skype or phone consultations or can come and visit you in your home (subject to travel distance).

How can I book a consultation?

You can book through the contact page of the website, alternatively give us a call on 09 973 4806 or email info@lifespark.co.nz

Do I need to bring anything to my initial consultation?

Yes at the time of booking you will receive an email confirmation which will have all the details including time and date of your appointment and what to bring.

Please bring your Lifespark Personal history form that would be emailed to you. OR alternatively you can fill it out online and email it back.

Best to wear light clothing as we will be doing measurements.

What should I bring for my follow up consultation?

Please bring your Lifespark Food diary and menu planner from the last week/s. Any questions or recipes you would like to talk about.

What happens in the initial consultation?

The initial consultation is 1 hour and in this time we get to know you and your current lifestyle and habits including food and social aspects that may be causing weight or wellness issues. We will run through the Lifespark Personal history form and highlight some areas to focus on to help you reach your goals. We chat about foods you like/ dislike and start to formulate a fun and healthy nutrition plan that you can enjoy. If your concern is weight loss, we take your measurements on our Bioelectric Impendence scale including water hydration levels, body fat percentage, muscle mass, visceral fat levels, bone density and metabolic age.

If further measurements are needed such as zinc or cholesterol and glucose we will do that in a follow up session.

The information in this consultation is then collated and formulated into a tailored programme for you and will either be sent to you via email if live out of town or another appointment is booked to run through it.

What happens at the follow up consultations?

Each follow up consultation is 30mins and we run review how your last week/s went with planning, organizing and achieving your weekly goals. We look at the challenges and successes and how we can achieve your next goal for the upcoming week. We give new recipes and promote enthusiasm and inspiration. No week is a bad week, only a learning week.

What measurements do you take at each consultation?

-At each consultation we take your water hydration levels to see that your fluid intake is correct and there isn’t too much salt coming into diet

-We check your muscle mass to review gains/ maintenance and check that diet is correct and balanced (and that you are eating to the right specifications so that no muscle mass is lost)

-Weight and Body fat percentage to review you are reaching your targets

-Bone density to review how diet can increase this along with exercise and prevent conditions like osteoporosis

-Visceral fat is always important to check as this isn’t the love handles or muffin top (this is subcutaneous fat) but sits deeper, internal fat around your organs. This can be much harder to shift and can be caused by lifestyle e.g. stress, diet and exercise levels.

-Our special machine also measures your metabolic age, which bases your personal data on population studies and takes into consideration all the above measurements and then give you ‘an age’ based on your current measures. The good thing is that with a healthy lifestyle, your metabolic age can drop.

At certain check points along your weight or wellness journey we will recheck your cholesterol, glucose (blood sugar), Blood pressure, zinc (a common deficiency) and pH urine level.

What other tests can we get done at Lifespark consultation?

We can check your blood type group as many clients do find that they feel better when applying the Eat Right for your Blood type diet foods in their programme.

We do an in house wellness check that includes your Blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose, Body Impendence Analysis and zinc tally testing

What is zinc testing?

Knowing your zinc levels is crucial! Zinc is one of the most important minerals in our body, with having hundreds of roles to play and interactions to make for our body function efficiently. For example healthy thyroid function, immunity and bone formation. Common signs of zinc deficiency:

Acne, stretch marks, white spots on your nails, poor wound healing, poor immunity, dry skin, fatigue, hair loss.

How can we test for it?

A simple taste test can give us a good indication of your zinc levels. This test takes 5minutes to administer. What we give you to try is a special zinc talley and then check your response to it.

Who would benefit

80% of us are in some form zinc deficient so getting this checked is important. Ideally those who would benefit:

· Vegetarians as zinc is most abundant and bioavailable in proteins such as beef, oysters, seafood, chicken etc. Vegetarians typically eat high levels of legumes, grains, that contain phytates that bind zinc and inhibits its absorption.

  • People with gastrointestinal issues
  • Pregnant or lactating women
  • Heavy drinkers/ smokers

Should I bring my recent blood results?

Yes if you have had recent blood testing done such as iron, folate, B12, cholesterol, kidney and liver function tests etc. please bring them. We can review your current state of health and provide an easy to follow dietary plan around your wellness goals/ needs.

How do I refer a friend/ family member?

Thank you for wanting to pass on our details to help out a friend. You can pass on our contact details via a few ways- we have a refer a friend card which is in your client pack when you start with us, you can pass on our business card, get them to check out our facebook page or website or onsend the Lifespark E newsletter. To say Thank You for referring a friend who books a consultation, you receive a free gift.

How do I buy a gift voucher?

Please contact us via our website or email info@lifespark.co.nz to purchase a voucher or put money towards a friends/ family member consultation price e.g. You can purchase a full consultation for them or put $50 towards their consultation. You can also purchase a voucher for our supermarket tours and Snack Attack workshops. The vouchers can then be picked up or sent to you.

Do you prescribe supplements?

We aim to use diet, exercise and healthy lifestyle changes as our baseline towards your goals however sometimes we do need to prescribe supplements for example iron supplement if anaemic. We recommend some commercial brands that you can find in the health stores but for specific health, digestive or stress concerns we use a Practitioner Only brand called Metagenics which has a very high reputation in the natural supplement range. Only qualified practitioners can administer the supplements for this brand.

If I have a bad week, should I still come to my appointment?

YES, YES, YES! You can never have a bad week- just a learning week. We all learn from our mistakes and then we build ourselves up. We don’t expect anyone to be perfect, life and busy schedules can get in the way time to time when achieving your goals but this is what the consultations are for, is to help you keep motivated, accountable and keep going forward. It is easy for a ‘bad’ week to turn into a ‘bad month’ so by keeping your appointment, we can keep on track. Sometimes just maintaining weight during a stressful time can be a success.

What is the Lifespark cancellation policy?

We do understand that sometimes unexpected situations happen but please endeavour to give us at least 24 hours notice if you can’t make your next appointment. You can reach us via phone call 09 973 4806 or email info@lifespark.co.nz for cancellations. Failure to comply with this will result in a fifty percent penalty fee of the scheduled booking.

Will I see results?

YES! Our nutrition plans are guaranteed to help you succeed in achieving your goals. We just need your full commitment to stick to the programme. We do require you to write everything down in a food diary for us so that we can track your progressions and make any necessary adjustments. Failure to do this can result in slower results.

Does Lifespark Nutrition have a newsletter? How can I sign up?

Yes, we have a monthly newsletter that has recipes, wellness tips and ‘what’s coming up’ that may take your interest to attend some workshops or free events. You can sign up to this on the website home page where you see ‘Sign up to your newsletter’

For daily inspiration, like our Lifespark Nutrition Facebook page and follow us on Instagram

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