Covid 19 Supermarket Shopping List

Planning and being organised with food and nutrition is crucial to promote well-being and reduce disease. Use this time to focus on your well-being needs and buy appropriately.

When you have the appropriate items in your home, that contain a variety of health giving properties means you set yourself up well for success! This is a basic guide but you may need to modify depending your living situation ie. Family vs couple vs single and dietary guidelines. We hope you find this helpful.

Tip 1: Take a stock check in your pantry and fridge/ freezer to see what you have at home first, so you know what you need and avoid double ups.

Tip 2:Write a menu planner before buying online or at supermarket, so this gives you an idea of meals and snacks and you can form your shopping list. This will save you time when grocery shopping. Some people like to make and bake their own snacks so baking things may be a priority and other may want to buy pre made things. I find if you have supplies to make your own bliss balls, healthy baking, meals etc you can make $ go further.

Tip 3. Know what you are buying and why. Knowledge is key to knowing what suits your body and what your ideal meals and snacks should be. If you know that pasta causes grief in your gut, then focus on the foods that are going to be beneficial to you. No point in feeling bloated or lethargic or sugar hyped at this time aswell because we are just 'grabbing' things. 

Fresh foods

·         Fruit and vegetables!!! Can include bags of coleslaw and fresh herbs (or good time to grown your own herbs!

·         Lean prime mince, chicken, pork, lean sausages, bacon (can freeze these)

·         Eggs

·         Cheese (hard and/ or soft cheeses) Halloumi also good as good protein source in meals and doesn’t take up a lot of room in fridge or freezer.

·         Butter (optional if you like to bake but can use coconut oil)

·         Yoghurt (coconut or standard)

·         Condiments like hummus, pesto, cottage cheese,

·         Falafel mix (you can freeze for later)

·         Maybe a packet or two of pre made fresh vege soup 

·         Bean Supreme Vege burgers (come in different flavours like Kumara, Beetroot, Hemp, Masala)

·         Tegal Meal Makers sliced chicken pieces

Frozen foods

·         Mixed vegetables, stirfry mixes, peas, green beans

·         Uncrummed/ unbattered seafood (or buy fresh and freeze)

·         Dumplings (easy to steam and add to stirfry) or soup

·         Frozen berries/ frozen fruit

Dried foods

·         Wholemeal or quinoa or lentil pasta

·         Brown rice/Quinoa/ couscous/dried lentils

·         Zero noodles (low carb option)

Baking (great to make healthy baked snacks or raw bliss balls)

·         Nuts

·         Seeds (chia, pumpkin, sunflower a good start)

·         Desiccated coconut

·         Dates/ raisins

·         Prunes

·         Wholemeal/ GF flours (great as you can make bread and wraps from them too)

·         Cocoa/cacao powder

·         Cinnamon

·         Vanilla essence

·         Oats

·         Coconut sugar/ Natvia/ honey/ rice syrup/ molasses/ maple syrup


Tinned foods

·         Unsweetened corn (great for corn fritters but can use frozen too)

·         Baked beans (optional)

·         Tinned tomatoes (good for everything including casseroles, curries and soups)

·         Unsalted tomato paste (high in lycopene – good antioxidant) You can use as a spread or enhance cooked meals

·         Tinned chickpeas, black beans, lentils etc (great to make own hummus if cant get to supermarket, plus make a good protein source on salads or curries or make own falafels)

·         Tinned fruit (no added sugar or syrup)- just in case.

·         Tinned salmon and tuna, anchovies or sardines

Baked foods/ Snacks

·         Wholegrain bread, wholemeal wraps or pita pockets

·         Wholegrain crackers like Huntly and Palmers, Vitaweat, Ryvita, Multigrain Corn thins, paleo crackers, seed crackers etc. (buy quality rather than just white crackers or rice crackers)

·         Nice n Natural low sugar Protein nut bars

·         Tom & Lukes/ Tasti/ Fooze Balls, bliss balls (if you don’t want to make your own)

·         Popcorn kernels to make popcorn

·         Nuts, peanut butter

·         Roast chickpeas

·         Dark chocolate J



Extra things:

·         Olive oil, sesame seed oil

·         Dried herbs, salt, spices

·         Green powder for smoothies

·         Long life milk/ almond/soy/ oat/rice milks

·         Easyi Yo yoghurt sachets if you have an Easy Yo yoghurt maker

·         Dishwashing powder and liquid soap.

·         Bone broth or low sodium stock

·         Tea, Green tea, coffee, Avalanche Sugar Free hot chocolate (for you chocolate lovers)

And of course soap, toilet paper etc, etc etc

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