Travel nutrition tips

Ok so you have worked hard to get in shape for summer holiday in winter (a great way to keep up the motivation to eat healthy and exercise during the colder months), you want to enjoy yourself but also don’t want to undo all the good work. Here are some simple tips to enjoy your trip with new cuisine or delicacies without putting on weight.

1.       Definitely try some new cool things, that is part of the reason we travel- to explore and try new things. However, if foods are pretty rich or heavy such as pizza or pasta, try to share with someone or avoid having it every night.

2.       Keep up your exercise. You may not need to if you are doing a lot of walking around sightseeing however if you are just relaxing by a beach and wanting to drink cocktails then aim to do something that will expend energy such as morning walk, kayak, stand up paddle board, swim, surf.

3.       Alcohol can be a large contributor of calorie intake while on holiday. Cocktails are big culprits along with beer. My tip would be go for lower calorie cocktails made with soda water such as Mojitos – I actually also ask for no added sugar in those. Don’t be afraid to ask for a soda water top up instead of juice. Furthermore with beer, perhaps go for a couple of lighter alcohol beers which will automatically cut back on the calories.

4.       Take some healthy snacks with you. I take packets of nuts, dried fruit like prunes, nut bars just so I have options on the road. This was really handy taking a few long distance train rides in Europe recently where they only had chips and chocolate and other unhealthy confectionary options.


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