Think like an athlete

Wasn't it fabulous how well NZ did at the Common Wealth Games! I was so inspired to watch all these amazing athletes compete and for some receive a gold medal. So much effort, determination, perseverance, struggle and for many, it has been years of dedication. Athletes need to follow a Game Plan, both for training, nutrition and lifestyle. They don't just become World Champions on a quick fix. 

So I relate this to a common problem I see everyday- WEIGHTLOSS. Yes when we are feeling 'bad or 'unhappy' about our body shape, it is tempting to want to try a 'quick fix' but ultimately quick fixes don't get you to goals long term. And it's the long term that you ultimately want to strive for. What is the point of yoyo-ing? 
So just like the Silver Ferns had a bad result, they will learn from it, pick themselves up and get even more motivated. They aren't just going to quite. So don't worry if you have a down patch. Pick yourself up, learn from it and come back stronger! 

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So I ask that you see yourself as a dedicated athlete, someone that is willing to achieve, put the effort it, have that perseverance, know that there will be struggles, but reward yourself for the small achievements. Small achievements = big results. I see so many clients that get disappointed when they have only had a 1kg loss in a week but over the 10 weeks that's 10kgs!!  You also need to put a Game Plan in place. Not just focus on the end result but what you need to accomplish to get there. Could be as simple as drawing a fun mind map (see what a client of mine did below).

Athletes need routine, you need routine. 

To develop your game plan:

-Write down what does your end goal look like? How are you going to feel when you reach that? 
-What smaller achievements will you feel proud of? 
-What aspects are you doing well already?
-What aspects do you need to improve on? 
-What do you think can get in the way of achieving your 'gold medal' ?

If you need help with putting your GAME PLAN together to get you focused, in the zone and on track- get in touch. I can help be your coach.  

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