4 Tips to improve your energy in the morning

Think you are not a morning person? Do you roll out of bed and reach of the coffee? Feel fuzzy brain until you get to work? 
Well if this sounds like you then here are four great tips to get you more energetic and put yourself in a motivated way to start the day! Creating good energy in the morning can set you up really well for the rest of the day and can have a positive effect to those around you. If you walk into work grumpy it can also have the same negative effect. 
You may have heard these before but perhaps not quite implementing them so whether you have or haven't time to do it! 

1) Have a glass of water by your bed so that as soon as you wake up, you hydrate yourself. This is one of the biggest mistake most people make is not drinking enough water during the morning. If you brain is 75% water then getting 300-500mls pre breakfast is a great start to increasing cognitive performance, whether it be hitting the gym or driving. You may want your second glass with a wedge of lemon or apple cider vinegar to alkalise the body too. So while you can still keep your coffee in, make sure it isn't your first drink of the day!

2) Do a 2 minute body movement routine (after your glass of water:) This can be anything from stretching your main muscle groups or doing some yoga poses. I like to include in mine a 10 second prone hold as well to get more core engaged and then I finish off with a 10 second run on the spot. Stretching out muscles helps release tension from the muscle fibers, improves flexiblity to less likely to get stiff shoulders or tight hamstrings especially if sitting all day! But the 10 second run is my favourite to get my heart pumping and a natural way to stimulate adrenaline. If you can add on an exercise session too even better! 

3) Good breakfast. Breakfast may not be your thing if getting up really early and body isn't ready to to digest anything yet but do have something within 2 hours of waking. In my experience with those that want to help improve their mood, a lot of the time low mood and fatigue can be caused by low blood sugar levels. So eating some thing wholesome - even if its a piece of fruit to start with- is a good way to naturally pick up mood and energy. Other good breakfasts could be a smoothie, eggs, yoghurt and nuts, porridge, wholegrain toast with tomato or peanut butter. Eating regularly throughout the day can help keep mood stable aswell. 

4) Positive Affirmations. Even if you haven't had a great night sleep for whatever reason, try hunt the positive rather than focus on the negative. As humans we tend to focus on the latter however what can put you in a good mood is focusing on gratitude, waking up and and being grateful for something the day will bring or for those around you. 

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