Being Supermarket Savvy

One of the biggest challenges I come across with clients is time and money. There is a perception that healthy food or eating healthy costs more, however, in fact it can actually cost you LESS! You just need to be savvy about it. Sure, if you are wanting to buy everything organic and niche 'superfood' items but this doesn't have to be the case to eat healthy.  Here are some of my tips of on being 'Supermarket Savvy' to save you time and money and make eating healthy easy and a way of life.

Lets start with the obvious; Planning the meals and writing a list before going into the supermarket or fruit n vege store will save you both. Even to the point of writing out how many apples, zucchinis, broccoli, meat weight etc. so that don't need to buy more than want you need and then go to waste (especially with the veges!).

Aim for 1-2 vegetarian days. Meat is actually quite expensive. Try a Mexican style refried beans and vegetable concarne instead of mince or try vegetarian curry (see below), falafel kebabs or even a vegetable frittata- eggs are a brilliant cost effective protein source. 
On the meat topic- using tinned salmon or tuna can be a great cost effective way to increase omega 3 intake in the diet without the price tag of fresh fish. You could do a tuna pasta bake, or tuna salad, salmon fish cakes or even tuna Vietnamese fresh rice paper rolls.  Frozen fish is another good alternative. Check out lunch recipes on

Vegetables is always important and buying them from the supermarket can be pricey. Best to get from a fruit and vege store/ markets but even if you can't (as let's face it, very convenient doing all the shopping in one place), buy in season produce, look for specials, especially on seconds, buy tinned veges like baby corn, corn kernels, tomatoes, beetroot, ratatouille, and stock some frozen mixed veges. These are some cost effective and great to add and bulk up a meal or have on the side. For example I would buy a frozen mix vege pack and then add in 1 fresh broccoli just improve flavour abit but I haven't had to buy all the other vegetable and cut them up for the stirfry. 

Don't waste money on expensive sauces for stirfrys or pasta bakes/ curries etc- if you have the right pantry staples you can make some great combinations to enhance meals.

Some of my favourite pantry/fridge staples to create flavour:

tamari sauce
olive oil
sesame seed oil
peanut butter
wholegrain mustard
plain yoghurt
cumin, tumeric, dried Italina or Tuscan herbs, curry powder, 
pepper and Himalaya rock salt
balsamic vinegar
Natvia or rice syrup

With a little of the right combinations you can make everything from stirfry sauces to curries to dressings. 

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