Beach Body Tips

For many people trying to get to their goal weight or body shape, its the little 'extras' or portion sizes that hold them back. This can lead to frustration as you may be exercising well but just not seeing results! Or eating well 70% of the time and not having things budge! 

Well here are a few key tips to helping you find that focus to help you succeed. 

1) What is it you want to achieve actually? Many people 'would like to lose weight' but they don't actually define it and therefore OWN it, create the NEED for it. 

2) Put it on your priority list! IF this new body shape of yours is important, put it on daily to do list every day, just like you would with brushing your teeth. If you say you want to eat healthy, make sure get prepared and organised and make it a priority

3) PLAN, PLAN PLAN. Plan your meals and snacks for the week, write the ingredients out (which saves you time in supermarket plus money as you aren't buying things you shouldn't). 

4) MAKE, MAKE, MAKE. No point of having things in the house and then get tired and not cook them or make your lunch the next day. Prioritise, Plan and Make!

5) When you feel like you can't 'want something sweet' or crave something...just think of yourself in your togs now ...then where you want to be...use this as a motivator, put the second helping down or chocolate.

6) Put a photo of you or a little sign up on the fridge or pantry if you do subconscious eating. If you find that you eat a bunch of things from the fridge/ pantry when you get home and don't even realise it until you have stuffed yourself then having a visual que can be really helpful. E.g. one client uses STOP! THINK! WHAT ARE YOU PUTTING IN YOUR MOUTH!

7) Avoid the sugar and reduce your carbohydrates to no more than 1-2 serves per day. Many people can actually find that they have more energy and have less bloating during the day. This can help with exercise and less cravings for sugar. 

8) Do resistance training. Cardio is great but if you want to get some tone you need to be working those muscles. Aim to do a variety of squats, lunges, tricep dips, abs exercises, press ups at least 3x per week. The more muscle you gain, the increased metabolism too. You actually burn more calories post exercise with a good resistance training session that a fast walk. 

9) Record everything you eat and drink and be accountable to someone else. It is easy to write things down but then we can tend to get a little slack and start to leave things off (then we look back and think we are eating perfectly but really....). Having support person is important as they can keep you honest. 

10) Eat whole foods, if you want a proper functioning metabolism and great energy and overall wellbeing you need to eat clean, eat green, eat fresh. Stop looking at crackers or nibbles and bring the living enzymes into the body. Aim for 5 handfuls of vegetables per day and keep fruit to 1- 2 serves.

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