Cooking for Health workshops

Our mission for the Cooking for Health Workshops was to educate people about the science of our daily food supply and challenge conventional ideas of what is 'healthy' and what really isn't. We wanted a fun and informative workshop that get people interacting and making the learning process hands on which means the message becomes stronger and are more likely to implement knowledge learnt and implement it in their day to day lives. For us we didn't want people to just 'come along and listen', it was really people to take part so that habits do change and it can have a longer lasting and most importantly life changing healthy effect. 
Kate from Lifespark Nutrition brings the education and science behind new ways of thinking of food and Chef Dan brings a wealth of knowledge in how to implement these into healthy meals and snacks.
Holding them in the Wise Cicada, a health food store is a perfect place of wellbeing. For every ticket sold we donate $10 to their Charity which to help orphanages in Iran. 
It is a nice feeling giving back to the community. 

We have done this year: 
1) Low Carb healthy Fats diet
2) Life Without Sugar 
3) And There is still one more workshop left for the year Let Food by They Medicine which will be held on the 2nd December at 6:15pm at the Wise Cicada. Here is the link. It will look at common health issues and how we can alleviate, reduce or prevent these by looking at what ingredients we are actually eating. You will be blown away with the latest research! 

Here is some testimonials from the last workshops...

"You both work very well and complement each others talents. You have great knowledge Kate and it came across in a way that was very easy to understand. Idea of being in a group and brainstorming about products was fun. Dan enjoyed your cooking as could then see how to put into practice making things without sugar and it suprised me how good all the foods tasted. It is making people aware that there are alternatives and you did this well. Keep the courses coming and look forward to being inspired by your ideas again"

"We were so impressed with the whole workshop. It was fun and very informative and the food was awesome. Kate and Dan you are a great team. ALL PRAISE I'm afraid. Cheers Robyn and Mark"

"Your workshop was so much fun, i enjoyed that you made it an interactive workshop which helped make it easy to understand, which is so much better than sitting there in a seminar type situation. I loved all the recipes & can't wait to make them myself. I've already put them in my meal plan for the coming weeks. Great how you included so many main meals as well as snack ideas. Looking forward to your next workshop"

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