Less sugar full stop.

Trying to get rid of the sugar craving? 

There is alot of hype around 'going sugar free' but for many, they are just substituting one type of sweetness for another. It is good to be conscious and take out refined sugars that normally come in hidden supermarket type sauces, packets, muesli bars, yoghurts etc and traditional cafe food like muffins, cakes, slices etc. However, living off Agave syrup, honey, dried fruit, coconut nectar, coconut sugar is really up there with refined sugars in terms of sugar content. Yes it does have a slightly lower effect on the glycaemic scale (meaning it has a slower rate of sugar being released into the blood stream), plus a few extra vitamins and dried fruit like dates or apricots contain fibre, however, these are not going to help you give up the sugar craving. Plus eating some of these amazing new 'healthy treat's such as raw cheesecakes or raw date slices, still has an insulin effect and insulin is responsible for fat storage (especially if you are inactive). My advice to you if you are trying to reduce stomach fat and eliminate sugar cravings is:

1) I try to use fresh fruit as a sweetener where possible - check out my Banana Coconut Cluster or Raspberry clusters. Blend up raspberries or blueberries and keep it the mixture in a jar to be used on porridge, in smoothies, on custard etc. At least you have the vitamin C and fibre content to go with it. 

2) Use a stevia/ stevia based sweetener where you can (no insulin effect and good for the teeth. especially children's teeth).

3) Reduce stress levels- stress can produce adrenalin, adrenalin releases sugar into the blood stream, which then activates insulin and insulin causes fat storage. You may have to reduce coffee intake too (caffeine releases adrenalin).

4) Reduce total carbohydrate intake- the more carbs you eat the more carbs you crave. Try to get your body to burn fat instead of carbohydrates meaning if you lower your carbs to 1-2 serves max per day and eat a little more fat e.g. (take out sandwich for lunch and have a salad with avocado or feta or walnuts) your body will start to utilise fat more efficiently. 

5) Eat more savoury. Have savoury snack on hand as sometimes abit of protein does the trick! For example carrot and hummus or cucumber and guacamole, or boiled egg and pesto or cottage cheese on sliced tomatoes. Olives, pickles, sundried tomatoes and the list goes on! 

Best thing to do is be prepared and organized. Take 10mins each day and just think about the type of food you are eating, where is has come from and how it effects the body. 
Keep sweeter things to treats like 1xper week and then yes make or buy something like a raw cheesecake sweetened with dates is great, still better than the standard refined version.  

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