How to Eat, Drink and be Merry

Summer is on its way and this means a lot of socialising! This doesn't have to mean weight gain though! You can still have your cake and eat it too, just means moderation and being diligent. You will thank yourself for it when come NYs you don't feel like you have to be on a NYs resolution but casually maintained your body shape. Here are some of my tips for this season...

  • It is really important to have a game plan for every function and to be thinking about how you should prepare during the week. How many functions to do you have? Pop them all in your diary so you know what to expect. 

  • If you have a few functions then embrace the notion of MODERATION. We all have our moments but going all out every time is a sure way to have the bloat or weight gain or energy levels dip. Pick and choose which ones you will 'really enjoy your self at' and then others you may just go easy on alcohol and food.

  • For example ‘I will be designated driver for this occasion (which means limiting the calories on the alcohol) but someone else can drive on the next one. Or ‘I won’t have the starters or pre- drink canapés as I would like to have dessert’. Then at following function you can skip on dessert and have the starters. Having a Game Plan saves you from overeating/ over drinking at every function which can contribute to weight gain.

  • If you think you might splurge at the function, then have light meals leading up to it throughout the day e.g. a salad at lunch. Or eat lighter the day after. This will compensate for those extra calories.

  • If you are going to BBQs then bring some veges sticks and hummus, so you won't be stuck with just two options of cheese boards and chips n dip. (nothing wrong with abit of cheese but easy to go overboard). 

  • Watch portion sizes! If Christmas desserts are your thing then have a light dinner. Or vice versa. 

  • Aim to exercise the day of or next day, to burn off excess calorie.

  • If you have put yourself into abit of a food coma at dinner then fasting until mid day the following day can be helpful for the body to process all the food, especially protein. 

  • Walking after dinner/ dessert is also a good way to lower blood sugar level spikes. 

  • Buffets: Go for the vegetables/ salads first before the meat. This way your plate will look full which will encourage reduced protein portions. Therefore will subconsciously cut back on calories. 

  • Start the event off with a glass of sparking water or plain water (especially in summer!) Why? Most of the time you will already be thirsty and therefore the first beer or wine/ beverage will go down very fast. Then you are looking for the next one. Calories add up very fast. Plus the body can only process one drink an hour. Chances are if you go for a water first, you will drink less for the entire night (this is my tick!). 

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