Warning: This may cause you harm

One of my points I want to make is that people need to take more responsibility on what they are eating and drinking and how it can affect their health.  We cannot blame the companies producing these drinks or foods when our health turns bad after consuming large amounts of their products, as we the consumers are to blame for purchasing the items in the first place. Any adult would know the health consequences but it is a matter enforcing limitations on ones’ self to prevent the product from becoming a health concern to themselves. For example having a bar of chocolate once a week is not going to cause any health concerns but consuming one every day may cause you to start putting on weight which could lead to other weight related concerns like high blood pressure or cholesterol.

With type 2 Diabetes as one of our country’s largest health concerns and soft drinks being a huge contributing factor to the problem, there should be more done on promoting these concerns to the demographics that keep on buying them.  I feel we do need more campaigns on the effects of soft drinks/ energy drinks and particular processed/ highly refined foods to the same extent to that of tobacco campaigns with warning labels, graphic pictures, higher prices and limited advertising. For example Cocoa Cola runs consistent advertisements on television showing how drinking Coke can ‘open happiness’.

I do think everyone should be able to choose what they want to drink or eat, however, when it becomes National health crises with our taxes going towards people who are being hospitalised for Type 2 diet related Diabetes, obesity, obesity related surgery and illnesses then it does become my concern. We need to stop assuming people have ‘common sense’ and actual label these foods with health warnings.

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