Review on McDonalds wraps:

Before I headed down there I did a bit of research on the McDonald s website to investigate the ingredients list of what I was about to eat contains. Now if you didn't know, you can infact download the PDFs of every single product on their range from the Angus burger to the apple chips, this is for allergen reasons. This in itself is quite amazing to see how many food additives their food components comprise of from the bun to the burger to the sauces. It would take me a few pages just to break down everything so I won’t get in to it but it is a good idea for you to check it out and just be aware. Not all of the additives are bad for your health, many are commonly found in other day to day foods however  I think it’s a very good reason why you keep ‘Fast Foods’ to an occasion not a weekly occurrence. 

The other PDFs you must have a look at is the nutrition information which has a break down of calories, fat, protein, sodium, sugar etc of every product on sale. Very interesting to note as you can quickly see that just by changing the style of chicken e.g. crispy or seared you can drastically change your calorie and fat content. Even the sauce can add up to 100 calories!

So you can tell which one I have chosen: I tried the seared chicken snack wrap which has 204 calories and 7g grams of total fat in comparison to the crispy chicken version with 257 calories and 11.3g of fat.

My partner in crime tried the bigger version with the Seared Chicken Caesar wrap (has bacon in it- if you took this out you could probably take out another 50-80 calories and cut out 2g of fat) with 380 calories and 14g fat total, compared the crispy version of 492 calories and 22.6g of fat. Just by making that simple choice you can cut back your calories by 112 calories and 8.6g! 

The Sweet Chilli seared chicken wrap is not too bad either if you wanting abit more zing to your wrap, it only has another 17 calories to the standard Caesar seared wrap.

The main difference between the snack wrap and standard wrap is the size of the tortilla and the fact you can get more chicken and but also more of a token tomato piece. Depending on your appetite and daily calorie intake you could choose the snack wrap or the full choice. For me, McDonalds lives up to its ‘Fast Food’s status, when you unwrap the packaging, it really does look like things have been ‘slapped on’. This is compared to Pita Pit (went their today) and it was lovely to see the fantastic range of vegetables I could put in it and choose. For almost the same price as the McDonalds large wrap I would definitely spend the money at Pita Pit where there is wholemeal wraps and wonderful toppings so you feel like you are genuinely getting good value for money. However at least Mc Donalds provides these options if you were caught out in the middle of nowhere and wanted to have something ‘healthier’ than a Big Mac. 

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