It’s the little things that count….

Two main issues concern most of us; getting the flu or getting out of shape. Both are as bad as each other and tend to go hand in hand. When you get sick you start to lose interest in boosting blood flow i.e. movement and exercise. In reverse, exercise is really important in boosting the lymphatic system, releasing endorphins (happy hormones) and ultimately burning calories from winter foods to prevent unwanted weight gain.

We don’t need to feel overwhelmed about the looming cold dark months, the best advice is to incorporate the little health and wellbeing things consistently into your everyday Autumn routine to reduce chance of illness, weight gain and keep you strong and healthy.

Reasons to keep up your summer exercise routine: Exercise or even consistent movement and stretching will boost your lymphatic system. This system RELIES on movement as it doesn’t have pump of its own such as the blood does with our heart. The lymphatic system is made up of lymph nodes like your tonsils, spleen and glands, surrounding your body like check points and connected by a slow moving river transporting lymph, a colourless fluid. Like red blood capillaries (tiny blood vessels), the lymphatic system stretches throughout the body like tiny river tributaries and ‘filters’ out almost every cell in the body of toxins, wastes but also engulfs and removes any bacteria and foreign substances like viruses or fungi. The lymph tissue is crucial in generating and storing white blood cells- the blood cells that fight infection.

Cellulite common on the buttocks and thighs are also partially the result of impaired lymph flow, causing pockets of fat and trapping toxins between the connective fibres of the skin. Improving the circulation of lymph in areas prone to cellulite and reducing toxic burden are two successful ways to diminish cellulite from the inside out.

You can see how just keeping active each day with exercise including stretching, yoga, Pilates or even dancing around the house (especially if you can build up a sweat!) can all help improve your lymphatic ‘drainage’ system and keep you healthy by generating infection fighting white blood cells, engulfing foreign invaders, clearing cells of toxins and prevent cellulite.

When it’s cold outside treat yourself to a trip to the spa for a massage, sauna or steam bath to help facilitate a sweat too, this can help the lymphatic system.

However to add to the little extras you can do to fight infection and boost energy during Autumn:

o    Clean up your diet. Reduce your body’s toxic burden by avoiding processed food and eliminating simple refined sugars and carbohydrates. Keep any treats to 1xper week rather than daily.

o    On a daily bases:

  • Aim to eat 4-5 cups of preferably organic seasonal fruit and vegetables (less pesticide residual). You don’t have to live off salads during winter but keep your fridge and pantry well stocked including pantry staples like nuts, seeds, dried fruit so they are your first port of call when you need to make a meal or snack and will ensure that you get a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals coming into the diet. The more vitamins and minerals you get during winter, the armed your body will be to fight infection.

o    Drink plenty of filtered water not just hot coffees. Your body needs fluid to pump things around!


o    Practice deep breathing. Breathing deeply from the diaphragm, not shallowly from the chest, and through the nose rather than the mouth, is one of the best ways to move lymph fluid through your body and reduce stress. Stress in itself can put too much pressure on the immune system and make you prone to office flu.


o    Smile- even smiling and being kind can release endorphins into the body. Do something each that makes you smile.




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