Des's Story

Having already lost over 45kgs at clm Mt Wellington through diet and exercise, I was thrilled with results of my weight loss and new found fitness and strength. But I was still not happy with the annoying bit of extra weight that would not go away no matter how hard I trained. So I decided to make an appointment with Life Spark Nutrition as I realised that my exercise routine was very good, so it had to be the diet. When you talk to Kate Walker from Life Spark Nutrition you soon realise you have allot to learn about nutrition. But with years of fast foods and a lack of knowledge of healthy and variety of food choices, it was like going to nutritional school and learning the basics.

Although my diet was not bad it wasn’t as good as it could be, for me to go to the next level of health and fitness. Kate will sift out the potential foods that my slow your weight loss goals, and also help you with ideas to maintain the lifestyle you may wish to live.

Since I have been seeing Lifespark I have dropped another 10-12kgs with body fat going from 22% to 15%, I will continue to see Lifespark as I have new goals to achieve and I’m confident with Lifespark’s support and knowledge I will achieve these new goals. I can 100% recommend Kate to anyone who is thinking of seeing her to achieve their weight loss goals.

  • Lost a total of 55kgs with exercise and Lifespark
  • From 22% to 15% body fat
  • Next level of health and fitness for Des
Stefanie - before Lifespark

Stefanie - after losing 25kg with Lifespark!

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