How to Eat, Drink and be Merry

  • How many functions to do you have? Pop them all in your diary so you know what to expect (less excuses to say ‘they just crept up on me).

  • If you have a few functions then embrace the attitude of ‘I have a few functions to try different nibbles and have drinks so I don’t need to binge out at one’. This means you shouldn’t over eat or over drink.

  • Have a GAME PLAN for each function. For example think to yourself ‘I will be designated driver for this occasion (which means limiting the calories on the alcohol) but someone else can drive on the next one. Or ‘I won’t have the starters or pre- drink canapés as I would like to have dessert’. Then at following function you can skip on dessert and have the starters. Having a Game Plan saves you from overeating/ over drinking at every function which can contribute to weight gain.

  • If you think you might splurge at the function, then have light meals leading up to it throughout the day and day before or after. This will compensate for those extra calories.

  • Watch portion sizes! If Christmas desserts are your thing then have a light dinner. Or vice versa.

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